JsonSchema and SubClassing

Last July I wrote about the rising interest in JsonSchema which is still on an upward trajectory: Despite the hype, a lot of node development isn't high complexity/reliability but this increased interest suggests that is changing. This is a model of a traditional class hierarchy (codebase is here) using ... Read more »


In 1984, I set the worldwide high score for the Xevious arcade game after five hours of play in front of an offical judge. I started with 5 Solvalou ships and racked up 17 more so my play time was limited only by my bladder. After five hours I'd reached ... Read more »

Code Exercise - Node.js, Couchbase, AWS

This is a coding exercise I did in Feb, 2016 using node.js, couchbase and AWS. Here's the source code. I chose node because I'm familiar with it, it's fast and easy for simple web apps. I chose Couchbase because it, too, is fast, simple, very scalable and I did ... Read more »


I started data-mining the Internet in 1993. During the late nineties, I'd mention data-mining to fellow programmers and their usual response was... "that's stupid" "that's ridiculous". In 2004 I put up my website, did my DEFCON presentations from 2005 to 2007 but few people understood them. So now in 2015 ... Read more »

Blockchain Meandering

In its pure form, the Bitcoin blockchain is not only peer-to-peer, it's "peer-to-all-peers". So it suffers even more from the weakness of P2P systems - scalability, i.e. exponential traffic increase as it grows. The proposals I've seen (lightweight client, larger blockchain size) are linear patches which shift the exponential ... Read more »

Bitcoin, Banking Busts and the Blockchain

I found Orlin Grabbe in the Clinton Whitewater conspiracy group, right after the Waco massacre. He'd made some money in financial derivatives and was an avid conspiracy theorist so we occasionally swapped emails and in 1995 he published a series of articles on digital money. I suspect Satoshi Nakamoto was ... Read more »