JsonSchema, StrongLoop and Velocity

Pictured - the Google Trends graph for "json schema". I wrote the Model Driven Node (MDN) project exactly two years ago. I used java-based tooling to generate node.js scripts because I knew those tools and the javascript equivalents weren't mature. For instance, JsonSchema for node seemed unfinished but I ... Read more »

Intercept Testing with Node.js

My first OOP programming language was Delphi (object pascal) which was introduced the same year as java (1995). Delphi supported what is now known as "lamba functions" and this is a simple testing mechanism I used with Delphi, adapted for node.js Source code During my mocha tests, I can ... Read more »

Kafka Monitor using OpenDMK (JMX 2.0)

JMX 2.0 was released as the "OpenDMK" open source project prior to the Sun/Oracle merger ( https://opendmk.java.net/ ). JMX 1.0 evolved around management of a single java JVM and JMX 2.0 is designed for enterprise management of hundreds of java virtual machines across multiple servers ... Read more »

Model-Driven Node: Part 10

I added an angular-based JSON editor to Model-Driven Node and replaced the jade UI. I'd thought the UI would take ten or twelve templates based on previous projects but presto... DONE in four hours. And then I realized that this was a real tool - a MongoDB Database Explorer. The ... Read more »

Model-Driven Node: Part 1

I'm turning Marshall McLuhan on his head. In 2013, the message is now the medium! :) Design your message (the xsd schema) and let it be the Driver of Change. Generate all other artifacts from your messages and then your bug count, inconsistencies and maintenance plummet. The simplicity of Node.js ... Read more »

The Tangled Web (or 'Why Node?')

In the beginning, there was Tim. And Tim said, "Let there be HTML!" And it was good. Then some dumbass asked, "Hey, can you add a button I can click on?" And Netscape said, "Let there be Javascript!" And it was... acceptable. Then someone asked for CGI... "Can we add ... Read more »