Architecture Design #8: Node, Postgres, Highcharts

1) Incoming json events 2) Events copied to event log, time-series stream, etc. 3) Dimension table for time bucketing 4) Join on Epoch field, finest granularity is one day. 5) Epoch/Count json fields match HighCharts input json. I wrote this simple time-series analytics system in eight weeks with no ... Read more »

Architecture Design #6: XSD Schemas

Open source project to support cable box services. The application connects your cable settop box to your phone or ipad, my role was mapping xsd schemas to backoffice data. This diagram is a visual of the API groups. There's over 500 properties and 40 services. The xsd schemas were under ... Read more »

Architecture Design #3: Mobile Systems

The ASPEN/ISS project started as a series of university grants and grew into a $15 million nationwide deployment over three years. We did R&D work with the first mobile systems and pen-based software and my team was directly responsible for the red-outlined boxes. We were also the ... Read more »

Architecture Design #2: Struts App

I had a nineteen week deadline to create a fund management tool to meet federal regulations. The workflow and UI were already laid out by a design team and well done. I reverse-engineered their database structure into a class diagram and drew up this high-level design. This project met the ... Read more »

I ran from 2004 to 2010, mostly as an experiment but I ended with over 2,000 readers per month, for a total of 100K+ over the site's life. hosted the internet data-mining methodology I developed since 1993. Here are some of my most interesting graphs ... Read more »

The Big Data Crash

In November of 2005, I watched the reversal of the national housing inventory trendline. The housing industry didn't believe it was happening until six months later, when homebuilder stocks crashed. The subprime lenders didn't believe, either, until their stocks crashed after another six months. And the entire country didn't really ... Read more »